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India’s achievements in space, software, science and technology have earned for us universal appreciation. We seem to be content with the development that has been gained. Still our children are unable to enjoy the fruits of progress and are bound by shackles of illiteracy and poverty. Endless darkness stares at their future.

Haven’t we a duty to seek a way out?

Janahita is our very small attempt in this direction. It is our faith that education is a potent factor that can uplift the community from its roots and imbibe in it the basic human values. Janahita seeks to stand as a symbol of hope for the needy students struggling to live in dignity.

Janahita is committed in its duty to reach poor students in the vicinity of their living places to

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Janahita Foundation

16-11-741/C/A/16, SBH Colony, Moosarambagh, Dilsukhnagar,
Hyderabad - 500036, Andhra Pradesh, India.


+91 900 037 7735, +91 900 037 7753,
+91 970 478 6663, +91 (0)40 6452 5841